Package 2 - Sand sled & Travel gym

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The Sand sled and Travel Gym Combo 


Description: ( see videos of product in use below)

Our Travel Gym is one of our ultimate mobile gym and hosts up to

30 official gym exercises.


Our Travel Gym consists:

- 9 Ultimate Sport bands 

- 1 handle each side (total of 2 handles)

- 1 pole belt

- 1 waist sleeve

- 2 hand belts

- 2 knee sleeves 



This product improves:

Physical strength
Functional strength
Cardio & muscle endurance Balance



Our Sand Sled is another one of our oldest and most effective fitness and functional strength products. This product is similar to the old traditional tire pullingor weighted sleds. The Sand Sled was designed to increase fitness and functional strength through running with resistance for longer distances and periods of time without having to stop. What differentiates this product from a normal weighted sled are: 1) simplicity of adding sand 2) the cost effectiveness of using sand as the form of resistance 3) our sled is small, light and easy to travel with. Our Sand Sled consists of 1 sand bag, 1 shock-absorber band and 1 body sleeve.

This product improves:

  • Functional strength

  • Cardio & muscle endurance

  • Fitness

  • Acceleration & speed

  • Agility

  • Laterality

Package 2 - Sand sled & Travel gym