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  1. Alwaysensurethatyourbandsareconnectedandlinkedproperlybeforeeachuse.Exercising with band that are not connected properly could result into serious injury or fatalities as metal links are connected to the bands.

  2. Neverstretchanybandmorethantwiceitsoriginallength.

  3. Alwaysdosafetycheckstoensurethatyourequipmentarefreefromanytearsordamages before each use.

  4. Resistancebandswilleventuallywearoutorgetdamagedoveranextendedperiodoftime. Please restain from using any equipment that is in such condition.

  5. Donotusebandsthataredamagedinanyformorway.Thiscouldleadtoseriousinjuriesor even fatalities.

  6. Alwaysweareyeprotectionsuchassafetyglassesorsafetygogglesforprotectionwhile exercising with our bands.

  7. Alwaystrainingshoesorbootswhenusingourequipment.Failingtodosomoghtleadto injuries through slipping.


Ultimate Sport, including its directors and employees, takes no responsibility for any injuries or fatalities, nor for any damages to any property that may result from using our equipment. Be sure to always consult your health care professional or licensed medical doctor before starting our training programs or exercise with our equipment.